Welcome to the Southeast Red Angus Association

Red Angus Cattle Bred Right in the Southeast

Our mission is to provide support, knowledge and quality Red Angus cattle to our members and our members' customers in an effort to promote the Red Angus breed.

Profit begins with reproduction. Producers who can count on a higher percentage of pregnant heifers will have a larger number of replacements that they can cash crop. The Red Angus HEIFER PREGNANCY (HPG) EPD predicts the proba- bility of heifers conceiving to calve at two years of age.

CALVING EASE is a trait of major economic impact. Heifers that experience calving problems require additional labor and are less likely to rebreed. Red Angus completely describes calving ease with Direct (CED) and Maternal (CEM) EPDs.

Annual cowherd feed costs represent producers’ largest expense, and simply maintaining the cowherd’s body weight and condition accounts for 65-70% of that total. Red Angus’ mature cow MAINTENANCE ENERGY (ME) EPD arms pro- ducers with a tool to help keep feed costs in check. Efficient, easy-fleshing Red Angus replacements help you get a handle on feed expenses and make the most of available forage.

Females that stay in the herd reduce replacement rates….and provide more valuable heifers to sell….a huge economic driver for cow/calf producers. Red Angus customers have the advantage of a STAYABILITY EPD, which predicts a bull’s ability to sire daughters that remain productive past the age of six.